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30 November 1987
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the girl.

Gaia, 23 years old, lives in Turin, Italy.

Born on 30th November 1987, Sagittarius, blood type AB-.
Ex-ballet dancer in constant regret of her ol' days, freealance translator from English, German, Japanese to Italian for a translator agency and private teacher for two kids with learning problems.

Spoiled, childish, lazy, eats a lot, rock music lover but follows only pop bands, because they're a lot funnier.

Writes a lot, publishes only few of her works, but she probably will try to please you sooner or later if you ask her to write something.

Loves her cats to death and her 24 year old turtle, her friends, her boyfriend, sea, cinema, sleeping, eating and ethnic cuisine.

Loves to cook, read, write, dance, run, go shopping, yoga, translate lyrics and interviews (especially lyrics).
the love.

Johnny & Associates lover, has probably heard something of every single debuted and undebuted group in the agency (because being bored is fructuous).
Loves especially Jin Akanishi (yes, even when he's not with KaT-TUN, especially when he's not with KaT-TUN), Kis-my-ft2, ABC-Z, Mis Snow Man, Kansai Juniors, Kanjani8, Hiroki Uchi and Hideaki Takizawa.
Likes also Tomohisa Yamashita, KaT-TUN (yes, even when they're without Jin), NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, V6, Takki&Tsubasa and has love for loads of undebuted units.
Has her favourites in every group, and sometimes just finds difficult to choose between them.

Loves the gayness in JE.

Loves J-dramas, "Ikebukuro West Gate Park" is still her favourite drama ever - but actually watches a lot of them, and consantly falls in love with a new actor each drama season. At the moment, she's in love with Shunsuke Daito, Haruma Miura and Osamu Mukai.

Loves D-Boys and almost everything they're involved in. Her favourite is Yuuichi Nakamura and ships him so much with Kouji Seto and Kenta Kamakari. Because rule 34bis (there's yaoi of it) always wins.

Loves the Gazette, SADS, Kuroyume and Kiyoharu-sama, but almost never talks about them with anyone.
the favourites.

Taisuke Fujigaya and Hiromitsu Kitayama (Kis-my-Ft2).
Shota Totsuka and Ryosuke Hashimoto (ABC-Z).
Yuuma Sanada (Mis Snow Man & noon boys). Yuya Takaki (Hey!Say!JUMP).
Ryuhei Maruyama (Kanjani8). Masahiro Matsuoka (TOKIO).
Kunta Yamasaki (VETERAN). Junta&Akito both♥ (B.A.D.)
Daiki Shigeoka (7WEST). Ryota Yamamoto (THEYBudou).
Jin Akanishi. ♥
the hate.

Random adding (this is scary, guys).
Waking up early, being hungry when there's no food around, and cold (but she loves winter).

J-rock fandom most of the times, that occasionally ruins the possibility to enjoy a good band; K-pop fans when they pop up in J-pop hate memes just to spam and be annoying (but she doesn't hate K-pop, she just doesn't give a damn about it, since she can't understand the language).
Oh, and she hates Akame, very very much.

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